Bidding Strategies To Win Bids On Ebay Auction

Bidding Strategies To Win Bids On Ebay Auction

The first thing people want to know when biding on ebay auction is, how they can stop getting outbid at the last minute of a auction? The simple answer would be, bid higher than the other guy. I guess the next question would be is, but how?

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How to get banned from bidding on ebay auction

Ebay treats every bid as binding. If you win an auction and do not go through with the commitment of the purchase, the seller can file an unpaid item notice on you. Basically, if you establish a habit of winning auctions and backing out of the payment agreement, you have a strong chance that ebay will suspend you from the ebay community.

Understanding the Bidding Auction

Lets say you’ve found the perfect item and it is in your price range. You are very interest in this item and you decide to bid on it. If you were at a live auction, the moment you bid, you might have a couple of more bidders nodding there heads or tugging on there ear. Lets say the price of that item was 2 dollars to start and now it jumps to 5 dollars. Now, lets just say that this is how it goes down with ebay auction, but just in the comfort of your own home. Just like every other auctioneer, but you just can’t see them.

Placing your bid on the ebay auction platform

The first thing you want to do is, sign in to your ebay account. Click the buy it now button on your selected item’s page and enter your maximum bid in the appreciate box. Remember, your bid needs to be higher than the posted minimum bid. Then, click place bid or buy it now button if you are making a direct purchase. Finally, if you agree to the terms, click the commit to buy button. If you have any reserves about bidding, you can practice bidding at eBay’s test bid page. Also, you can simply start bidding on my site: